Independent Space Index is a comprehensive directory of artist-run, non-commercial, and independent spaces for contemporary art (sometimes called “Off-Spaces” or Alternative Spaces) in Vienna, as well as a networking channel between the listed spaces.

The network was formed in 2017 with the aim of strengthening solidarity among like-minded cultural initiatives, increasing the visibility of independent artistic production by archiving its locales and facilitating their discovery, and highlighting their contribution to the Viennese art scene.

The list of spaces is regularly maintained. There are currently 88 active spaces listed.


Independent Space Index organizes the yearly festival of independent spaces in Vienna. This event has been the largest annual joint endeavour of project spaces in Vienna since its first edition in 2018.

Find more information about the festivals as well as additional material such as reviews, interviews, images and videos in our Archive.

What is an Independent Space?

Any permanent, public, physical space dedicated to contemporary art, that is neither an art dealer nor a major institution.

In case of doubt, we follow this working definition:

An Independent Space is a self-organized exhibition space that is primarily and programmatically dedicated to contemporary art. An Independent Space is open and accessible to the public and engages in mediation work. An Independent Space is ultimately not a profit-driven endeavor.

When can I visit?

Check the linked web presences for information about opening times, ways to get in contact and make an appointment, and information about exhibition openings and events. Vienna's art calendar eSeL is another place to check for upcoming events.

Contribution and Membership

Independent Space Index is proudly self-organized. Since 2017, network members have been meeting on a regular basis to exchange, discuss, and collectively develop and advance this shared identity and program.

If you operate a space that is not yet listed, you can send a request using the signup form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Participation in the network is welcome, but not mandatory for creating an entry.

If you've found this website helpful for your research, academic or otherwise, consider giving credit to Independent Space Index and getting in touch—we're curious to find out what you're working on.


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Independent Space Index is organized by volunteers and driven by collaborative effort. We would like to thank everyone who has helped establish our initiative and the people that keep supporting it.

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